Our Vision

To be the foremost provider of career upgrade services.

Our Mission

Building a hands-on generation with relevant information and practical training.

The major source of revenue of a group or company is the indicator of it’s relevant INDUSTRY

This School of Industry has simulated a vibrant mix of core planning and design skills that are not only relevant but critical to the development of our intellectual property as a nation. These core skills will set all who give their full attention to it discipline, whether high skilled, low skilled or no-skill on the path to develop their natural creative ability and take advantage of the tremendous returns of the age of information

This is the right platform and path for our internet savvy Nigerians to explore, develop and express their indigenous thought in industry and wealth creation

It will equip the artisans and the graduates, deploy all unemployed and economically displaced citizens of our nation with ability to develop the primitive resources produced by our ailing classrooms in the absence of technical and resource oriented training in Industry

Thus established we can begin to imagine the hope that is born for Nigerians slaving away in foreign economies of the world. The brain drain that has radically increased in recent times.

We can and yes we should make the discoveries and develop solutions for other nations in our continent with pride rather than chat new courses in development for foreign lands with shame.

How can we be fully remunerated for the exploit we have made abroad if these breaks never cascade down home to better our course.

The School of Industry Scope

  • Career Modelling:
    Take advantage of our business information modelling platform to create a vibrant business and career model.
    Recreate your Present career or business model and chat your course to another level of productivity
    Create a vibrant career model from your natural creative abilities and talent. Using business information modelling you can now get the leverage to develop the right right business genes and make a successful career from your natural creative abilities, passion and hobbies.
  • Career Expansion:
    Expand your current business and career by developing expertise and skills that will give you the capacity to create new product and service lines in addition to your existing platforms in your industry.
  • Career Exhibition:
    Take advantage to the new age information technology to give your product and service both local and global visibility. Our business modelling templates will create for you product’s and service brands that are standardised to meet global demand for quality, portability and availability. Learn how to set up your own online marketing and delivery structures and make your brand visible through the myriads of competing products and services.
    Discover strategies for market penetrative using graphics and information technology.