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Weilding the power of IMAGINATION.

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The way the African may release his creative ability and cover the lost ground in imaginative ability is to be granted platform for design.

3D design will increase the speed and the development of imaginative power. Today it is common to hear of someone from Africa who successfully developed a machine but these products lack the form and accurate structure. Even though the are working, they lack the right structural design and are at the primitive stage of the components that form this machine.

With a training in sketch 3D such is not the case. The ease of design in terms of structure and even texture and color makes the inventor travel past years of primitive and passive development. 

3D gives you a tool that can travel fast enough to capture the design at the imagination stage. The mind as a tool is not limited by space and structure and it creates finished products in their environment to form scenes and these related scenes in sequence creates a flow called an event. A flow of related events will give you a story. Stories can be told in many ways today but they all begin with pictures in the mind. flow we can call an event and these related or un-related events in the mind can ordered or organised to create a positive vision of the future called a dream. Dreams are there pictures, events  or a story of some possibility that lies in the realm of visions. Some think this dream is lying there in the future and so they hope to get there as time moves on. 

The design of anything is an event…a sequence of organized pictures. These pictures are structures, colors, and sound captured in their related and interacting form.

The ability to create in clear visual what the mind perceives as finished products will advance the creative ability designer. 

Business information modelling is creating business by designing them in their natural environment. Organising the elements of that business into a model that can be captured in a visible model and presented for review. It is the ability to identify, isolate and become creative with the elements of business. 

Business information are elements of business that can be customized or organised to create unique models. 

This dream so created by the mind does not necessarily

Lay there in the perceived future but it is within. It is lays there where the mind has created it. IT IS THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT. This is the mother realm to the physical ream and the place from where all things were created and all things were made.

From this realm the mind can  work out the details as the man makes effort to bring it it into the physical realm. 

This is sometimes full of assumptions and hypothesis made to understand the events that are ordered in the mind. But need can drive the will of men strong enough to make discoveries and the dream is borm mostly in part. 

This shows the limitations involved with creating things and solutions physically. Even when the mind has created the scenes and events, bringing this perceived future into being in the physical realm is a shaded walk without absolutes that only light would have revealed.

This is the power that lies now in the recreated man who has been born again and understands the realm through faith and can walk that road with light and call these things perceived and hoped for into being.

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