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Tomorrow’s Beast of Burdens

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In the midst of sudden and swift change in our world, we must take time to ponder on the changes that have come upon us rather than take them for granted and go to sleep.

The changes coming along with all your tomorrows, will not be an easy push away. We are faced with a global change of culture and concept and it will not pass away as “the way of the western world”. These changes have come to us at home in our villages and cities.

Crop science and animal husbandry, for instance, have broken all yesterdays theories and concepts of production and what was only possible in an Acre of land is now being produced indoors in warehouses.

In the age now gone, men developed tools and used beast of burden like the horses, Bulls, donkeys and camels to drive mundane  tools and machines to produce and transport mainly crops and animals to local markets. In the age coming, some men will be the BEAST OF BURDEN serving other men’s visionary innovations in business with mundane university degrees and worse still with bare hands.

The young men today who have allowed these important skills to elude them will have the menial and odd jobs to live with because they were left behind in the cyber information age.

There is time to close this gap and become proactive with the changing times. It is time to get the orientation training and adaptation that times like this will call for.

GET THE ORIENTATION AND TRAINING MODULES on business information modelling and computer aided design and adapt or  be left behind in the cyber age of information and technology. The only spaces left to fill will be services behind the scenes with what is left of your redundant single issue university degrees.

In the list of good Nigerians who are in the region of redundancy are:

  1. Graduates from our universities who have studied single courses like Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology. Who do not have any other personal skills for which they can be employed (Unemployed and Seeking)
  2. Graduates from professional areas of study that do not have an immediately career prospect in their field of study, displaced or replaced most of them do not have other personal skills for which they may be employed (Unemployed and seeking)
  3. Undergraduates currently studying the same inadequate curriculum in our universities who will come out in batches after 4 years on average to join the hussle without a plan to take proactive steps to upgrade.
  4. The abundant victims who now are desperately looking for solution in startup business from unfulfilling jobs or from endless job seeking. Who will again fall prey to primitive models of businesses and who have not developed the required skills needed to create and sustain a productive and sustainable business model.
  5. The huge numbers who have passion and personal creative abilities and skills in lifestyle, entertainment and hospitalities who did not know how to develop that into a thriving business or never gave it thought because of the bias of our primitive outlook to vocational career.

All these will stand the risk of being devalued in thought and skill and left a place behind where they will very likely take the place of TOMORROW’S BEAST OF BURDENS working with their lowest mental capacity and driving  primitive tools for the sole aim of survival.

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