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It is sad to realise that as a people we have not been able to evolve our civilisation in trade and industry. We are stuck in the archives of our masters achievements and have built our economy and industry following the nomenclature, thought and curriculum that addressed our paste but did not look, into our future.

 A nation orchestrated to administrate but not to produce.

We are facing today’s challenges with the thinking of our past. We have failed to confront the days ahead with our own thought, with our own innovation, with our own sense of responsibility. 

We have professionals in fields of design and engineering who have been consumers of goods rather than producers. Preferring to administrate other people’s thought and ideas. Some of these copy cats have even become teachers and lecturers in our higher institutions teaching the same impotent curriculum and raising graduates who are designed to look for jobs in the offices and never exposed to their innate ability to think for change and solutions,…to think for tomorrow.

Our slumber with intoxication from the prospects of crude oil and the proceeds of the so called black gold has left us with classrooms and lecture halls full of dispassionate students, who now threatened by insecurities about the future are ever-ready to cast off restraint and become militants violently demanding emancipation from the grip of poverty. All we seem to have harvested from our Academic and Political institutions today are militants,….militant youths and militant leaders.

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